Beerpong is back!

Here we are, another week, 

In this case, we will have the Erasmus Beer-pong Competition!
This is one of the favourite event of the erasmus students in the city.

We will do a beerpong tournament but take care! We will have a limit of couples playing the champiosnship.
All the people wondering to play this tournament they will need to add their couple and they can pay in the office:
The price is 10 euros (5 euros per person and the couples can be of three people too)
The price will include beer for during all the games that couple is playing.
The winners they will have a prize!

WINNER TEAM: 2 spots for a day trip
2ND PLACE: A long drink for each one of the team players max 3
3RD PLACE: A free shot for each one of the team players, max 3